Makeup Weapons

April 22, 2016

I was lucky enough to meet Brisbane based makeup artist Sheri Vigers when we briefly worked together at Bobbi Brown in London, with seven years of experience behind her I was stoked to see she had come out with her own line of cruelty free makeup brushes.

C&K 1mar6

These Makeup Weapons brushes officially put all other brushes I own to shame. They are made with 100% durable synthetic hair, sustainable bamboo and copper. Made entirely cruelty free, these handcrafted brushes look and feel amazing.

Each brush is designed to be completely multi functional, so they can be used with cream, liquid or powder products – needless to say they have become an absolute essential in my kit!

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If you have been looking at getting new makeup brushes, Makeup Weapons definitely come recommended, they are amazing quality and not to mention look beautiful too (can’t go wrong with copper)!

Shown in my images is the Makeup Weapons essentials kit, containing 12 brushes including:

1.1 Large Tapered Powder Brush: designed with a tapered point to disperse powder smoothly and evenly.
1.2 Small Tapered Powder Brush: ideal for all powders
1.3 Angled Contour Brush: blends products during application
1.4 Domed Foundation Brush: ideal for buffing a perfect base
1.5 Duo Fibre Stipple Brush: creates an even finish with powder or liquid products
1.6 Pointed Blending Brush: blend products as you apply them
1.7 Deluxe Cream Brush: perfect with liquid and cream products
1.8 Mini Smudge Brush: spot conceal, highlight or smudge
1.9 Mini Angled Liner Brush: great for achieving sharp lines
1.10 Angled Brow Brush: precision for your brows
1.11 Dome Socket Brush: ideal for adding products to the eyes
1.12 Fine Liner Brush: ideal for fine lines and detail work

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