5 Beauty Rituals to Consider Before Your Big Day

February 3, 2017

When planning a wedding there is so much to think about and do that you can forget about some of the little things until last minute. Here are a few beauty rituals that I would recommend you consider before your big day.


Nails is something I would definitely recommend getting done for your big day. It’s one less thing for you to have to think about doing yourself and they are often visible in your wedding photos. Get your bridesmaids together and go to your favourite nail salon for a manicure. Shellac would be your best option, it will last longer and will not damage your nails like acrylics sometimes can.


Not saying you have to look like a bronzed goddess on your big day but even if you are after a hint of a glow I would recommend faking it. There are so many options out there with fake tanning, whether you want to do it yourself at home or go and get a professional spray tan. If you are more comfortable to tan yourself at home I would recommend St Tropez (the mousse is easy to use yourself) or Bondi Sands. You can do a light layer to test the colour and always build it up if required. Professional spray tans will definitely give a more even all over colour which I would recommend. If you are in Auckland I have had some amazing spray tans from Nicole at Meca in Westmere and also from Gemma at Tanned & Lacquered out in Kumeu, depending on your location. The one rule with either option is, trial it at least a month before your big day so you know exactly how it is going to look.


Generally your makeup artist will have lash options in their kit that you can put on for the day and will come off when you remove your makeup, as opposed to semi permanent lash extensions. You will need to discuss with your makeup artist before the big day as they can often charge extra for application and stock of lashes. Personally I am a fan of this option, I use individual lashes on 90% of my brides. This way I can control the outcome, if you only want a couple in the outer corner or if you want them stacked on top of each other for volume, we can control how they are going to look. A big factor with this is tears. If you lose one individual lash, it would not be noticeable. Alternatively if you would like to go down the path for lash extensions, again, I would recommend trailing them at least a month before your big day, to see how they feel and to be sure you have no irritation with the products.


Brows play such a significant role on your face, they will frame your eyes and make a huge difference to your overall appearance. It is a good idea to let your brows grow out, stop doing anything to them for maybe 6 weeks before your big day. This way you can have them freshly done closer to the wedding to get the perfect shape and tint, then your makeup artist can fill them in as required.


I get a lot of brides asking me what to do when it comes to their skincare routine leading up to the big day. When it comes to facials, do NOT have a facial you have never tried before two days before your wedding. If you get regular facials and you know what works with your skin then by all means go ahead, or again, if you would like a facial before your wedding, trial the one you would like at least a month before your big day. My biggest recommendation is to drink lots of water and keep a healthy diet, it is the best thing you can do for your skin.






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