7 Important Questions to Ask Your Makeup Artist

March 16, 2016

How do you find ‘the one’ when there are so many talented makeup artists out there? There’s more to a makeup artist than just make up! You want to find someone who suits your style, personality and, of course, someone you’ll be happy to have with you on the morning of your big day!


1. What happens in the trial?

The trial is where you should discuss all the details of the day with your makeup artist. Include details to help your makeup artist see your wedding day vision such as the bridesmaids’ makeup looks, how your hair will be done, theme of your wedding, right down to sorting out timing for the day.

In terms of the actual makeup look, for me, the look we may trial is not set in stone. If you go away and decide you are not 100% on the look, we will reassess. The trial is more about getting to know one another and making sure your makeup artist is someone you will be comfortable having with you on the morning.

2. What brand of makeup do you use?

I get asked this question a lot, it’s an important one if you have sensitive skin or any skin concerns. I have a mix of products in my kit that I have learnt about over the years. I mainly use Bobbi Brown for bases and a mixture of Mac, Nars, Stilla, Urban Decay and Smashbox for colour. I would recommend going with well-known brands as opposed to brands you have never heard of.


3. What is your background as a makeup artist?

This question will give you an idea of how much experience your makeup artist has. I have been a makeup artist for 9 years now and my background ranges from working a lot in Film and TV, to being a Bobbi Brown artist which led me into weddings and beauty makeup.

4. How long will the makeup take?

It is essential that timing is discussed in the trial. It’s important to work out your timings for the day so both you and your artist know when you need to start, and when you all need to be ready by. I usually allow 30 minutes for bridesmaids and Mums, and 45 minutes for the bride, including lashes (make sure to discuss any special requirements in your trial). This is a fairly quick pace so be sure you’re clear on how long your makeup artist will take.


Megan and Byron


5. Will there be any extra costs?

All costs need to be discussed before trialling and then confirmed in the trial. There should be no unexpected surprises for either party on the day. This should include all travel costs and any special requirements like lash application or tattoo covering. Special requirements need to be taken into consideration for timing purposes but also because some makeup artists may have an extra charge.

6. What are the do’s and don’ts for my skincare regime leading up to the day?

This is something I always dicuss with brides, I’m big on skincare and I believe your makeup will only look as good as your skin does. Discus skincare in the trial with your makeup artist, they should be able to tell your skin type and recommend what products or facials might be good for you. Don’t go booking any chemical peel or something that you have never done before at the risk of your skin reacting.  Try to drink lots of water and have a balanced diet.


7. What do I need to have with me on the day?

More likely than not there will be touch ups required throughout the day. You will need to take your lip colour, as it can wear off with eating and drinking. I recommend also taking either a blot powder or blot papers to remove any shine throughout the day, especially for the photos! I would also have a small concealer stick with you. Ask a bridesmaid to keep an eye on your makeup and let you know when to have a touch up.

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